Estebe Salgado

President & CEO

“I like to compete. From my beginnings in swimming in Donostia/San Sebastian to sailing the waters of the wine and spirits industry as the founder of Tradewinds, I thrive in reaching far and wide. My passion is discovering the rare family-owned wine, beer and cider producers around the world to bring them to the DC Metro area, something that I’ve been doing for the better part of a decade.”


Diego Belmonte

Special Advisor & Partner

"My passion is entrepreneurship, and I have the scars to prove it. I've headed multiple businesses that, today, find themselves traversing an exciting growth curve. Starting and establishing companies is a rough contact sport, but the rewards are limitless. At some point, when the going gets tough, you have to reach back and find grounding in your fundamental convictions. Why am I doing what I'm doing? I got involved with Tradewinds because of my long-held interest in wine, the glamour of the industry, and the fact that it is such an ancestral, passionate craft."


Kimberly Hernández

Director of Sales

"I was born into a huge family and my undergrad degree is in Early Childhood Education, so the idea of serving, facilitating and patiently waiting for results is built within me. Wine has become such a passion of mine because its study requires so much more than just indulging (although I love that too!). A true understanding of what is actually in each bottle, requires knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. This never-ending cycle of learning feeds my need for constant growth, thirst for new knowledge, and travel.  I am proud to be part of a company that represents small family businesses that place a high priority on environmental sustainability. Creating a dynamic and diverse sales team is a rewarding challenge that I look forward to every day."


Arantxa Silva

Operations/Admin Coordinator

"Pursuing a career in Tradewinds is awesome! My willingness to contribute to this team’s broad experience and work capacity, a must. Believing in what you do and devoting yourself to it results in a promising future of endless possibilitie

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