Mania Verdejo/Viura Blend

Mania Verdejo/Viura Blend
  • Wine: Mania Verdejo/Viura 2012
  • Region: Rueda
  • Winery: Bodegas Felix Lorenzo Cachazo


  • Type of Wine: White
  • Grape Composition: 100% Verdejo/Viura
  • Aging and Vinification: Carbonic maceration lasting 12 hours. Gentle pressing of the fruit. Fermenation occurs at 55.4 degrees Farenheit for a 20 days.


  • Visual: Very attractive greenish-straw yellow.
  • Nose:  A distinct aniseed and herbaceous nose with powerful aromas of medium-high intensity, characteristics of the verdejo varietal, alongside an apparent presence of white fruit notes (pear and apple), characteristic of the verdejo varietal.
  • Taste: Elegant, fruity, showing exotic notes alongside notes of racy-tang adding freshness and memories of mineralogy from the stony soils of the grapes origin.
  • Food Pairing: Anything you can Squeeze a lemon over!Grilled Shrimp, Green Mango Salad, Fish, Seafood, Shellfish, Asian Cuisine, Sushi, Salad


  • Sea Scallops


Look on the back of wine bottles from Spain's Rueda wine region and you'll see a pretty, yet official-looking sticker glued to the glass. It's required under the wine regulations promulgated for the area, known as a denominacion de origen (DO). The stickers are seen as a way to help consumers identify Rueda's various wines and ward off any attempts to make counterfeit Rueda wine. Here is what the sticker says and what it means, according to the region's official wine Web site: