Carry Our Wines

Want to Carry Our Wines?

  • Distributors, wholesalers, retailers and restaurants can add our unique spanish wines to their wine portfolios.


  • Time after time, our potential customers and local wine connoisseurs remind us of the outstanding quality of our entire selection. However, we stand committed to ensuring not only that we have top quality products, but priding ourselves in being intimately involved in each step - from wine production to individual customer purchase.
  • The selection of our Spanish wines is based on a combination of assessing market needs, and trying to introduce unique wines to customers. Regardless, we carefully choose products based not only on taste and meeting quality standards dictated by their respective DO’s, but we insist on having close bonds with our manufacturers and understanding the entire manufacturing and bottling process.
  • Additionally, our logistical network within Spain, and in the United States, has been tested to ensure that we maintain the integrity of our wines. We stand committed to bringing our customers regular shipments of Spanish wines in a timely manner, and minimizing excessive inventory costs for all.
  • Finally, through a plethora of media and marketing channels, we constantly strive to build awareness of our Spanish wines across the regions we sell, and in some cases, nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we work with clients (distributors, retailers, restaurants) to provide them with the tools needed to help them go-to-market more successfully.


Case Study #1: Distributor never sold Spanish wine before.
  • Background: A local distributor has been serving a numbering of neighboring states for 2 generations, but they had only focused on French and Italian wine. Realizing that organic growth would have been best served by introducing a new region, they came to Tradewinds to examine our portfolio of Spanish wines.
  • Solution: After having the distributor and its entire sales staff taste almost 20 of our wines, we worked with them to choose eight Spanish wines that will fit the needs of their potential customers.
Additionally, Tradewinds:
  • Led the entire process to have the wines certified in their respective states
  • Introduced the distributor to more than eight restaurants that would eventually become their first customers
  • Provided the distributor with tasting notes and other collateral for each wine
  • Trained the sales team on how best to sell these Spanish wines to customers
  • Escorted the sales teams on visits to retailers and wine stores
Case Study #2: Successful Restaurant wants to maintain hip and trendy image.
  • Background: A very well known restaurant chain that serves the Metro DC area is known for its creative dining solutions, and being an obvious first choice for many trend setting locals. The success and individuality of each restaurant does not allow them to easily market the name of their parent company.
  • Solution: After brainstorming several solutions to help the restaurant chain owner, one of the more unique ideas was to create a line of private label wine that would bear the name of the parent company, and be sold in each of its restaurants. The restaurant chain designed the logo and brand name, while the Tradewinds team diligently:
  • Negotiated different options with various Spanish vineyards and presented such to the restaurant
  • Worked with the restaurant chain to decide on a house red, house white, and a premium red
  • Conducted all the operational and legal requirements: from bottling and labeling, to label approval in several states, to storage and delivery mechanisms
Contact Info Whether you are a distributor, wholesaler, retailer or restaurant, we welcome you to be part of the Tradewinds team. Please contact us if you want to learn more about our products and services or would like to sell our unique Spanish wines.